Angel Card Readings

Angel Card Readings

Angel card readings are uplifting, positive and inspiring.

Jenny will provide clear guidance about issues and problems and about actions that you may need to take. Angels don’t always tell you what you want to hear, but they will always tell you what you need to hear! Jenny can use Angel oracle cards and receive messages and give guidance that comes from the Angels and Guides.

These are messages delivered from a higher realm and have the potential to shine a light on your life that you were previously unable to see.

When you have a reading with Jenny, she will talk to you about the process and if there is any thing in particular you want from the reading. For example, this could be around family, relationships, work or life purpose. Jenny will connect with the angels and will use the cards and channel messages to help empower you to move forward in your life. You will also have a chance to ask questions. There is nothing to fear as Angels are here to support and guide us.

What People Say

Jenny’s reading was wonderful, insightful, with helpful advice from the angels. All messages were powerfully poignant, relevant, helpful, comforting and uplifting to hear. Jenny has a beautiful, engaging manner – wonderful lady – thank you.
(N L)
Jenny gave me a positive reading from the angels. It all makes sense. Very grateful for that.
Will put all advice into practice.

Very accurate reading. Nicely delivered, clear, understandable and said kindly. Nice that there was advice on what to do about it.

The reading was very accurate and informative and I felt I learnt something that will help me make choices in future.

I found the session very open and Jenny put me at ease straight away. The information given was very clear with a strong voice and kind. I could take it all. I have been left with some very positive information.

Jenny picked up on two key issues that are current in my life. The angels gave in depth information and reassurance. It was interesting what she picked up on, as it was not anything I had spoken about. She was on target!

The information was relevant to my situation, own thoughts and experiences. Thank you it was worthwhile.

Angel Card Readings in Seaford

Angel readings can be done in person in Seaford, East Sussex.

Online Angel Card Readings

Online Angel card readings are just as effective on the telephone or Skype, which may suit you if you prefer the comfort of your own home or if you are unable to travel to Jenny. By purchasing a session with me you are agreeing to abide by my Terms and Conditions , you can read my Privacy Policy .


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Angel Card Reading
In person 45 Minutes – £45

Angel Card Reading

30 Minutes – £30 (by phone or Skype only)

Certified Angel Card reader